polaroid slr 680

The penultimate example of SX-70 technology.

Manufactured from 1982 to 1987, the Polaroid SLR 680 was an evolution of the SX-70 that included a built in flash and used 600 film. The Polaroid SLR 680 was succeeded by the Polaroid SLR 690, introduced in 1996. This site is a tribute to the Polaroid SLR 680 and its SX-70 ancestors.

Statue Six
Olen Daelhousen
A detail shot of an unidentified statue in the sculpture park at...
3 days ago
Statue Five
Olen Daelhousen
An unidentified statue on the grounds of the Laguna Gloria in...
10 days ago
Olen Daelhousen
A close-up photograph of a monumental sculpture sitting on the...
17 days ago
Miffy Fountain Two
Olen Daelhousen
A detail photograph of a fountain shaped like a rabbit on the...
24 days ago
Pipe Detail
Olen Daelhousen
A close-up shot of a pipe that has been painted over multiple times...
1 month ago
Monochrome for Austin
Olen Daelhousen
Public art on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin.
1 month ago
Abstractionist Two
Olen Daelhousen
Detail of graffiti painted on a wall in the bohemian South Congress...
4 months ago
House of Infamous Criminals Ten
Olen Daelhousen
Leftover flags from a celebration the previous night lay on the...
6 months ago
Decoration on a Wall
Olen Daelhousen
A wall forms a boundary along a property in Charleston, South...
7 months ago